How to use cement brick machine it is important to master the correct method

Many people after buying a cement brick machine soon after the time, on the phone to tell the equipment has been faulty, sometimes it is because of installation workers are not installed, but most of the time because the customer in use when not properly used to specify, then cement brick machine should be how to use? When we use cement brick machine, we must use it according to the requirements, do not indiscriminately produce bricks, otherwise not only affect the effect of the machine, but also let our own health is affected.

How should cement brick machine be used?

The correct use of cement brick making machine is mainly manifested in the following aspects:

1, in the use of cement brick machine, the first step is the raw material mixing, in the raw material mixing, you need to avoid the entry of large particles, so as to prevent the damage to the abrasive, and must ensure the uniformity of the raw material mixing, so as to make the bricks to meet the requirements, not only look good, And the quality is also better.

2. After mixing the ingredients, must immediately use, do not let the material park too long time, if the time of the park is longer, then will lead to the situation of solidification of raw materials, such a situation we must promptly deal with, do not immediately make bricks, this will cause damage to the situation of the machine.

3, cement brick machine in operation, each process is a time limit, especially in the earthquake pressure on the brick time, only a long time to ensure the density of bricks and quality, in order to allow the production of bricks more qualified.

4, in peacetime, must often check the pressure oil, especially, hydraulic oil oil temperature, as well as oil cleanliness, do not because the oil temperature is too high and lead to the hydraulic cylinder damage, which will make the normal work of cement brick machine affected.

The above problem is to cement brick machine how to use the introduction, we use the cement brick machine after the end, we must immediately to the cement brick machine related cleaning and maintenance work, if the correct cleaning cement brick machine, then not only can enhance the cement brick machine service life, And for our next day’s work is also a great help, can better save the time to make bricks, so users must be healthy to clean the habit of the cement brick machine immediately.


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